Remember the music video for All the Small Things? Well, this is essentially the reality of the shoot with Grassy Spark! Bouts of running in the sand, shouting: "I'm a rapper" at passersby, being chased by security, and yelling: "Hey, we're Green Day" to the Hout Bay market patrons, as well as a few photos.

Grassy Spark Love To Share 01
Grassy Spark Love To Share 02
Grassy Spark Love To Share 05

This very dreamy shoot was supposed to produce a single frame for the band's new single "Love To Share"... expectations were exceeded with these guys! It is an immense help having a very talented team (shout-out: Toni Olver for being MUA, and styling these guys) and a willing assistant (shout-out: Zanie for commandeering a softbox in the wind).

Grassy Spark Love To Share 03
Grassy Spark Love To Share 04

Shooting with Grassy Spark was easily one of the highlights of my year already. The guys have an effervescent mix of antics, horseplay, and quips - it's not hard to see why their energy is so infectious on-stage. Check out their music if you're not already familiar - and DEFINITELY get to one of their shows!

Grassy Spark Love To Share Artwork

MUA & Styling: Toni Olver

Assistant: Zanie Ferreira