Jonathan is a photographer, and the creator of the award-winning website (this one). The South African, originally from the East Coast, is now based in Cape Town, and shares his love of photography in images of everything ranging from documentary, music, performance, landscapes and architecture. Through his photos; Jono portrays an unassuming, intimate, and playful perspective of his subjects. His ability to find the quirky, and interesting in the most unusual of places, combined with a keen eye for detail, sets him apart. He's been in the game since 2008, spending most of his time taking photos of live acts, and musicians, something that still occupies a big part of his day-to-day. After moving to Cape Town he incorporated more diverse subjects such as architecture, food, and landscape into his portfolio of portraits, and documentary images. He believes that the diverse nature of South Africa, and its cultures, especially Cape Town, offers any photographer a broad, and colorful palette to work with. 

Some of his highlights since moving to Cape Town include shooting as the official photographer for the Cape Town Electronic Music Festival (CTEMF), the Red Bull Music Academy Weekender in Johannesburg, Mumford and Sons: Gentlemen on the Road Tour, working as the official Red Bull Studios photographer, working with prominent local musicians across various genres, and mediums as well as being awarded the top photography blog in Africa by Webfluential. Apart from all the above he enjoyed taking the time to explore the city, and surroundings nooks, crannies, and fynbos.

You can find Jono on various social media platforms:
Instagram: @byjono
Twitter: @byjono

Words: Zanie Maree


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